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When it comes to replacing your ink jet fluids with a high quality alternative, you can trust Neway Packaging. We supply superior quality alternatives for all major printing technologies including CIJ, Hi-Resolutions, Drop-on-Demand and Hot Melt Wax.

We offer one of the broadest line of direct replacement and custom formulated fluids for all major OEM’s such as Diagraph®, Domino®, FoxJet®, Linx®, Loveshaw®, Marsh®, Videojet®, Willett® and others.

Our ink jet fluids are precision formulated and then put through a stringent filtration process that follows the stricktest industry standards and narrowed specification parameters, ultimately resulting in product filtrations as cleas as .45 micron absolute.

Neway Packaging products are manufactured so well, our customers get 100% utilization out of our inks and 33% longer shelf life than many other OEM fluids.

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